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ACTA is to engage all cruise terminal operators and relevant industry stakeholders to build the region as a world-class cruise playground through raising standards across pertinent areas like operations, safety, security, customer service and marketing.


To grow the region into one of the world's most compelling cruise destinations for cruise liners from around the world.


Asia Cruise Terminal Association (ACTA) is an initiative by SCCPL and WSK as a non-profit organization in response to a need to have a common understanding amongst cruise terminals, port operators and owners, to upgrade to an international level of services and operations that cruise lines expect. As an Association, the members can greatly assist in meeting cruise lines' expectation.

The objectives are to provide a cruise-friendly environment, a vehicle for regional cooperation in terminal development, operations and management, to increase awareness on the members' cruise terminals facilities and services internationally which result in an influential alliance leading to the emergence of a captivating Asia cruise playground.

Understanding the Cruise Industry and its dynamics is vital in today's tourism mix, especially in view of the competition that the Asia homeports face from other regions of the world. ACTA will plan a series of workshops that are available to its members utilizing its research and information capabilities.

The Association is administered by the Council of the association and its daily activities are managed by the ACTA Secretariat based in Singapore.

We welcome Asia Cruise Terminals, Port Operators and Owners to express their interest to join ACTA by completing the ACTA Membership Application Form available here and email to enquiry@asiacruiseterminal.org or you may wish to drop us a note at the same email address for any queries.

Membership fees and budget will be determined and approved by the members and actual fees will be dependent on the type of activities and programmes planned for the year.

For more information, a copy of ACTA Constitution can be obtained here.

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