Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal Development co., ltd.

The company was co-founded by Baoshan District Government and Sinotrans & CSC Shanghai Changjiang Steamship Company In July 2009. Mainly Engaged in the construction, operation and management of Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal, which is located at Baoshan District, Shanghai and Consists of access bridges, hydraulic platform, 3 passenger terminals and 4 piers.

Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal sets the goal of becoming a world-class cruise home port, and adheres to the strategies of "Happy Port", "Smart Port", "Green Port", "Role Model Port" and "Win-win Port", striving to build itself into a leading international cruise hub port with global impact. Besides, it keeps to the overall plan devised by the Shanghai Municipality of creating "Four Brands", making itself an integral part of the shipping center and playing a vital role in establishing Shanghai as a world-famous tourist destination.

Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal is currently the largest professional cruise terminal with a spectrum of functions in China. With a pier extending 1,600 meters and water depth of 11 meters, it can simultaneously berth two 225,000-ton ships and two 150,000-ton ones. Three well-equipped passenger terminals house a total area of 80,000 square meters, providing high-quality services to arriving cruise ships and passengers, fulfilling supervision role efficiently and moving passengers from sea to land quickly.

Berth Specifications

Name of Berth Berth 1# Berth 2# Berth 3# Berth 4#
Purpose International Cruise Liner International Cruise Liner International Cruise Liner International Cruise Liner
Location 121°29'E 31°24'N 121°29'E 31°24'N 121°29'E 31°24'N 121°29'E 31°24'N
Distance from Pilot Boarding Ground 0.54nm 0.54nm 0.54nm 0.54nm
Depth Alongside (at Zero Tide) 12m 12m 12m 12m
Air Draft Clearance (Max) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Approach Channel (Min Width/Depth) 1000m/15m 1000m/15m 1000m/15m 1000m/15m
Turning Basin (Dia/Depth) 1000m/-14m 1000m/-14m 1000m/-14m 1000m/-14m
Tidal Range 4.35m 4.35m 4.35m 4.35m
Wharf Height (at Zero Tide) 7.5m 7.5m 7.5m 7.5m
Wharf Area (L x W) 420mx 80m 354mx 80m 380mx 80m 446mx 80m
Vessel Length/Width Restriction (Max) 420mx 70m 354m/70m 380mx 70m 446m/70m
Fendering System Cell Pad with 2.6m bear-off at 13m interval Cell Pad with 2.6m bear-off at 13m interval Cell Pad with 2.6m bear-off at 21m interval Cell Pad with 2.6m bear-off at 21m interval
Passenger Linkbridge (Connection Width 1.0m) One Two One One
Passenger Linkbridge Connection Interval 9.6m 9.6m 9.6m 9.6m
Passenger Linkbridge Operation Range Above Wharf 1.4m-11m 1.4m-11m 1.4m-11m 1.4m-11m
Water Supply Alongside pipeline (40T/hr) pipeline (40T/hr) pipeline (40T/hr) pipeline (40T/hr)
Bunker Supply Alongside Ex-Barge Only Ex-Barge Only Ex-Barge Only Ex-Barge Only

Terminal Contact

Contact Person

Gao Yanhui
Secretary to Chairman


Building 3 No. 256 Baoyang Rd.
Baoshan District, Shanghai



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