Port of Keelung

Taiwan is the influx of north-eastern Asia and south-eastern Asia. The Port of Keelung is located in the northeast tip of the island of Taiwan, the Republic of China. It faces the sea in the north and is surrounded by mountains on three other sides. It is a seaport really full of scenic beauty. While the cruise tourism boomed rapidly in Asia Pacific area, the Port of Keelung has the potential to develop cruise shipping.

In order to invite more international cruise lines to visit Keelung Port, we focus on facilitating all varieties of passenger facilities. With the east and west passenger terminals, we also continue to improving and intergrating cruise service quality.

With this focus, Keelung Port/City will surely become an important place for sightseeing ocean cruises in Asia Pacific.

Berth Specifications

Keelung Passenger Terminal Berth E2 Berth W2
Purpose Passenger Terminal Passenger Terminal
Location 25°09'42.5"N
Distance from Pilot Boarding Ground N/A N/A
Depth Alongside (at Zero Tide) - 9m - 10m ~ -12m
Air Draft Clearance (Max) None None
Approach Channel (Min Width/Depth) 200m/10.5m 204.5m/12.4m
Turning Basin (Dia/Depth) 650m 650m
Tidal Range 0.73m 0.73m
Wharf Height (at Zero Tide) N/A N/A
Wharf Area (L x W) 3000m2 2400m2
Vessel Length/Width Restriction (Max) N/A N/A
Fendering System N/A N/A
Passenger Linkbridge (Connection Width 1.0m) Two Two
Passenger Linkbridge Connection Interval N/A N/A
Passenger Linkbridge Operation Range Above Wharf N/A N/A
Water Supply Alongside N/A N/A
Bunker Supply Alongside N/A N/A

Terminal Contact

Contact Person

Mr. Richard Guo
Senior Director of Marketing & Logistics Department


No.10, Penglai Road, Gushan District
Kaohsiung City 804004, Taiwan


Republic of China

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