Penang Port

Penang Port is the oldest and longest established port in Malaysia. It is located in the north-west of Peninsula Malaysia, state of Penang. The port is strategically located along the Straits of Malacca which is one of the busiest shipping routes in the world.

The port serves as the main gateway for shippers in the northern states of Malaysia and also the southern province of Thailand. Penang Port is fully equipped to handle all types of cargo, containers, ferries and cruises.

The Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal (SPCT) is the latest passenger terminal in Penang Port having opened in 2010 after a major rebuild. The Pier was named after Frank Swettenham, a colonial administrator, who was responsible for the development of roads, trains and social services in Malaysia.

SPCT has a main berth of 400 metres in length with a water depth of 12 m capable of handling the largest cruise vessels in the world. It also has two inner berths, North and South. The North inner berth is 248m in length and depth of 6.5 m which can accommodate maximum size of 160m vessel whereas the South inner berth is 219m in length and depth of 5.5m which can accommodate maximum size of 100m vessel.

Since 2010, SPCT handled approximately 1.2 million passengers. The bulk of the traffic came from the popular ’Cruise To Nowhere’ which is offered by Leisure World and Star Cruise. Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal also cater for ferry services between Penang, Langkawi, Payar Island. 

Berth Specification

Penang Port  
Purpose Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal
Location 05˚ 25.15˚ N 100˚ 20.85˚ E
Distance from Pilot Boarding Ground 15 nm
Depth Alongside (at Zero Tide)

Outer : 12 meter

North Inner : 6.8 meter

South Inner : 5.7 meter

Air Draft Clearance (Max) NA
Approach Channel (Min Width/Depth) 182m/11m 
Turning Basin (Dia/Depth)  Turning Basin of 800m. with minimum depth of 20m
Tidal Range

Spring tidal range : 1.98m

Neap tidal range : 0.48m

Wharf Height (at Zero Tide) 4.72 m
Wharf Area (L x W) 400 m x 25 m 
Vessel Length/Width Restriction (Max) NA
Fendering System Cell fender 1450 size with steel panel and PE Pad
Passenger Linkbridge (Connection Width 1.0m) 1 Unit
Passenger Linkbridge Connection Interval 5.0 m
Passenger Linkbridge Operation Range Above Wharf 4.5 meter to 7.5 meter
Water Supply Alongside Yes (30 tonne per hour)
Bunker Supply Alongside Yes (outsource)
Contact Person

Mr C.K Manoharan

Division Head


No. 1 Pesara King Edward, 10300 Georgetown , Penang, Malaysia.




04-210 2330


04-261 1290




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